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Kylie’s released the video for her next single, Wow. A classically colourful, dancin’-in-the-club, cutaway to lit wall promo; it’s not groundbreaking but it’s certainly very fun.
Check the clip after the jump.
Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

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    I just realised you’re Canadian, so please accept my apology for inferring that you’re American. Calling a Canadian an American is as insulting as calling an Australian a Kiwi (New Zealander). So sorry Mr. OMG!

    I am a proud Australian and a HUGE Kylie fan since the very beginning of her music career (which was WAY BACK in 1987!) so I’m very happy to see her getting much deserved attention in the US. Thank you Mr OMG!

    This reminds of Jessica Simpson’s Public Affair. Nonetheless, it’s good, if not bouncy. It kinda’ gets you on your feet and start dancing. Nice club song. ^_^

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