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!! OMG, he’s got moves: Little Superstar !!

Unless Little Superstar is actually a small child (and I hope he’s not because he smokes a cigarette at the end of the video), this is the second Little Person video I have posted in two days. I know that. You don’t have to point it out. Just enjoy.

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    Finally, now we know what life is like on other planets.

    oh my. that was scary.

    Little Superstar is a little person. That was taken from an Indian action movie in the late 70s.

    Oh god, what’s with the chipmunk voice??? Agreed, terrifying.

    i am gonna have nightmares, that was just too outta here for me.

    Keith Olbermann showed this footage during his Oddball segment at least a year ago. It was odd then, it is odd now.

    That thing terrifies me

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