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!! OMG, new Roisin Murphy: ‘You Know Me Better’ !!

In the video for her new single “You Know Me Better,” Roisin Murphy is a bored housewife playing dress-up and alternately dancing around her suburban home and staring wistfully out the window. Cute outfits, as always, and one of the better songs from her new album “Overpowered.” (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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    Cindy Sherman by way of The Eurythmics- Beethoven – from their album- Savage. Great visuals tho’ and who doesnt love a woman who has single handedly revived a world wide interest in lycra?

    I’m so with Kevin on this. Basta.

    Wow this is pretty cool. Very Cindy Sherman-esque art direction

    “Scarlet Ribbons” is a poignant song about what happens when your father is no longer the number one man in your life, set to a light reggae beat. It’s a perfect album closer and nice slow jam.
    Why are you so anti-slow jam? WHY?!?!?

    I’m sorry but that “I’ll always be your little girl” song is only amazing in its retardedness.

    You know I can’t let a remark like “one of the better songs on the album” slide when in actual fact, the entire album is amazing from start to finish.

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