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!! OMG that looks hard to clean: Fancy urinal !!

Those flowery, vulva-like urinals look like a bitch to get clean. Poor janitor! They look so precious.
CLICK HERE to see more strange urinals from around the world.

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    Too bad women don’t pee standing up, is all I can say.

    they’re very prada spring 08. they should consider installing those in some stores.

    That may be the greatest idea ever

    The one I’ve wanted to have installed at work ever since I first saw them is shown in pic Urinal 3. Is that wrong? I’m not a watersports top or anything, but pissing into a gaping mouth just seems like the way to go if one is going to have whimsical urinals.

    stupid idea. they must be drag queen bathrooms cause i dont see them fitting in a general mens toilet

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