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!! Mariah and the Golden Dwarves !!

OMG, these stills just leaked from the new Mariah Carey video! They are from a scene where she is being pulled around on a sleigh by golden Little People!
Just kidding, they are from some skit on a British comedy show called the Friday Night Project. You didn’t really think Mariah was that insensitive, did you? (via Produzentin)

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    I saw the Friday Night Project with MC…errrrr on Friday. And although I’m not a big fan of hers, I thought she was actually quiet funny and totally capable of self-parody, which I didn’t expect from her.

    There has recently been a lot of random Mariah Carey Information, while at the same time you bash Madonna… me thinks you are a huge Mariah Fan, this making you a swarn enemy of Madonna (for some reason, majority of Mariah fans hate Madonna – I think it’s the fact Madonna can’t sing but is more talented)… interesting..

    Yes, I did.

    She is scary!

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