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!! OMG, Disney underwear models !!

I always knew that Aladdin wore a jockstrap underneath those white balloon pants! And of course Hercules would know how to pose for the camera.
Check out Prince Eric‘s naughty tattoo after the jump. Do you think the Little Mermaid made him get it?

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(via Zona Erogena, link NSFW)




    It’s got me wondering if Prince Eric has got himself a Prince Albert?

    Oh man!! That is fantastic! I grew up fantasizing about these men. 🙂

    Wow! who’d have thought cartoons could be SO hot! I’m gonna borrow my nephews videos lol!!

    oh fuck that’s hot!

    This beigns a whole new light to the classic disney movies I grew up with.
    Very nice!

    no aladdin is the hottest man of all prince he is bournet and i bet hairy and with more balls that eric the pussy

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