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!! OMG, he skinny-dips: Woody Harrelson !!

Some British paparazzi caught Woody Harrelson getting out of the pool naked, and although he might have acted embarrassed, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Check out the NSFW photos after the jump.

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    Still hot after all these years…what a great azz!! and the rest aint bad either

    Still hot after all these years…what a great azz!! and the rest aint bad either

    Is it me or does he look quite architectonic wearing the same color shirt and sports jacket?

    Great Ass & Legs … face isnt as hot as when he was young on Cheers … But Hey father time is a MOFO … LOL

    Great ass…I agree with everyone else…the boy is aging very very nicely…so plump and ripe — like a spring melon!
    now where are the shots of woody’s woody? I know you have them…

    Great ass! Where are the frontals?

    Why does everyone bitch about the lack of frontal? Christ. It’s really getting old, all the criticisms of “that’s not nudity” etc. Just shut up and go with it, people.

    Nice beefy whiteboy ass!

    Woody’s gotta hot ass!

    His face is kind of scary, but his ass is fabulous!!! I’d put MY face in his ass. LOL

    Nice ass in the first place, and in the second, lot’s of guys, gay and straight are comfortable enough with themselves, their bodies and being nude without caring what anyone else thinks, I’m one of them.

    wheres the frontals??

    awhile ago there were some frontal nudity of Woody skinny dipping in a river or lake

    Woody’s ass gives me wood….Damn nice… Thanks for the blood rush.

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