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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Craig Kelly !!

British actor Craig Kelly played Vince Tyler in the original UK edition of Queer as Folk (Vince was the inspiration for Hal Spark’s Michael in the U.S. version) . Craig never flashed us even an errant pube in that series, but showed us plenty in a later role in the film Oh Marbella!.
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    He’s adorable. I want to take him home to mom (as long as he leaves his pink dildo at home…).

    NICE! I could see a little Hal Sparks too guys? I think he made a good US version of him.

    And it looks like he has a “Detachable penis” as well!

    this pic makes me curious as to what the other two people are staring at…

    fukin hot foreskin!!!

    Makes me want to check out the original QAF.
    I’m also hoping that as Hal Sparks also apparently hasn’t given anything up, that he will also follow suit. Birthday suit, that is. Tasty!

    Oh Jesus, what a heartthrob.
    I watched the original QAF and it’s a million times better than the US version. The people are way hotter and the british accents they use are so darn cute 😀
    And Craig Kelly’s smile is like an instant turn-on. I’d be his bitch anytime, anyplace.

    OMG!!!!What a delicious collection of a very delicious man. That cute little aid makes it very, well naughty

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