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!! OMG, his butt: Bobby Cannavale !!

Before he played Will’s boyfriend on Will & Grace (you know, the show where the gay characters were never allowed to have sex or kiss with tongue), Bobby Cannavale played a role in the miniseries Kingpin where he actually had a sex scene and showed a bit of skin.
See the NSFW stills after the jump.

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to CB for the images!)

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    Boardwalk empire. Full frontal. Oh yeah.

    don’t you have nude pics from THE TEN???

    His butt is very nice. I like it.

    Haha it’s Funky Spunk

    bobby has been my masturbation fantasy ever since i first saw him on “third watch” he is undoubtfully in my mind the sexiest male on the planet!!! i loooovvvvveee(lust) him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mm mm mm

    He also tasted his own semen in “Sex & The City”, because Samantha thought his cum tasted bad. I’m pretty sure he showed butt in that episode too.
    He’s hot in a Guido sort of way… Or is that stating the obvious?

    Omg first pic; major raccoon-eye action going on! >D For all the others…meh…he looks too “clean”…where’s all the hair? No mussl-bunny for me plz. ;p

    this will make for some very nice dream fodder.
    oh bobby bobby bobby.



    I love this guy. He is so sexy … I wish we could see how hung he is

    Now we just need to see full frontal of Bobby Cannavale. I would give my left nut just for that. 🙂

    I love how you poked at will and grace there and despite being ‘gay’ all the male characters had a female counterpart that they consorted with….. but then what would one expect form a gay show for straight people that flaunts loosely disguised heterosexuality under a homo banner??? lol

    what a hot ass. i always thought he was sexy, it’s a shame he is straight though. i bet he is one hung italian stallion!

    He is so hot! Thanks, Frank!

    im cumin

    Wasn’t he the funky spunk guy on SATC?

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