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!! OMG, how cute: Microsoft Office !!

I know it’s a commercial for Microsoft Office, but try to ignore that and enjoy the always-lovable Amy Sedaris and her many different adorable fat bunnies! (Thanks to Seth for the tip!)

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    That was surreal. So so SO weird.

    PC bashing is so 2006…MS and Gates have created the largest private philanthropic org. in the world…how ’bout them apples?

    Microsoft Sucks

    I just finished a movie with Amy Sedaris in Vancouver. She gave you the character’s complete backstory in a gesture, and with her remarkable face. A Comic Masterpeice.

    now i want a windows machine

    who am i kidding. macs rule. and so does amy sedaris.

    Funny enough I guess. I love her.

    Oh man, she totally sold out. I still heart her though.
    And now I want a cupcake.

    I want a bunny

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