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!! OMG how retarded: Mike Tyson !!

I found this compilation of the misogynistic, homophobic, violent criminal, and Diet Pepsi endorsing Mike Tyson on KANYE WEST’S BLOG. I knew he was nuts but I hadn’t seen most of these clips or heard him say things like “I normally don’t do interviews with women, unless I fornicate with them, so you should stop talking now unless you want to, you know…”
What an idiot. Is he still alive?

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    is it just me or does that screenshot look like he’s about to deep throat something?

    What a waste of space and he’s a big dude so he wastes a lot of space.

    F…… scumbag. But I think we have to forgive him. The “man” is lacking in the brain department. Anyways, he is a hasbeen. A nobody. Someone that exudes so much negativity, will attract it tenfold. Just leave the sucker alone.

    …and I think it’s contagious. One of Kanye’s bloggers posted this comment: “….he’s still a class act.”
    Reason #5,896,354 why America is fucked up.

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