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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Alec Newman !!

When you watch a movie with a name like The Principles of Lust, you would hope that you might get to see a little peen. You would not be wrong in this case, and Scottish star Alec Newman does not disappoint.
See the NSFW caps and clips after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
(Image Source via Dreamcaps)

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    He’s also naked in the Dune miniseries.

    I always love the “He’s Naked” sections, but here’s a little tip. It is possible with very basic photo-retouching software to change the light levels on these pics so you can actually see what you’re looking for. I always download them to my HD and brighten them up and it works like a charm. You may want to consider posting brightness-enhanced pix alongside the originals in the future.


    Are you sure he’s Scottish? I seem to remember him as Paul Atreides in the SciFi remake of “Dune”, and in the early editions of the DVD, and in the first airing of the mini-series, he had some really long German name, I think it was Uwe…something.

    AC Walker has a lot of time to kill don’t they? Hey Frank! If you want tips on how to better run your successful website, ask AC! Haha! All in good fun…

    After the first few pics I was gonna say quite right – a little peen. Of course the water was probably cold, and there was shrinkage. Looks a bit healthier in the other pics I think, though I haven’t brightened them and such to be sure. I like em in all sizes, so its not worth it unless its someone I’ve always wanted to see fully, like Ryan Reynolds.
    Those underwater pics really show off a fit body too.

    After seeing this blog, I checked out the film (recently shown on Film 4 here in the UK) and was even more surprised to see hot UK actor Marc Warren having penetrative sex in the movie.Wow

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