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!! OMG, I want: Pet snuggly !!

When I was at Woofstock a couple weeks ago, I saw the thing that I’ve been most wanting to get for my cat. It’s a Baby Bjorn for pets, and this little Whippet was a happy as could be riding around with his daddy.
I wonder if Anderson Pooper would hate me if I put him in one:
After the jump, see another proud daddy with his chubby pug baby in a snuggly.


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    Anderson pooper is so cute pink nose andall.

    My autistic Pug would definitely not want to be put in one of these; yet when he’s too hot to walk, he’s too heavy to be carried — this would be perfect for that kind of situation. What do I do?!

    OK…pets, especially cats, do not want to be carried around like babies! They are animals, not humans!!!!

    OMG how cute my lil Charlie would be SO perfect in that….where do I get one?


    I want to ride in the first one

    The narrow dog in the top picture is actually an Italian greyhound, half the size of a whippet.
    I have one of each. Unfortunately, neither would be caught dead in such a contraption.

    poor animals…

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