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The POSEIDON RESORT, opening in 2009 in Fiji, is a hotel that is completely submerged in the ocean. Watch a video after the jump.

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    Me likey…

    pretty amazing…then last thing i’d want is to wake up with a great white shark staring down at me licking its lips!

    And a steal at just 30,000.00 US for one week!
    It’s a nice idea, but something about the images reminds me of a cheesy Michael Crichton sci-fi thriller – like some hurricane would strike, stranding all of the guests underwater, where they’d all start killing each other.

    i think when that opens, ill give it a few years for them to work out all the kinks. i was watching that trailer and i just started to think, Titanic.

    So, basically you pay to be an exhibit for the sea creatures to watch you… And when you’re in one of those rooms, they can see you doin’ it.

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