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!! OMG, please help: ‘Jason and Ben’ !!

My buddy Matt (creator of the fabulous Nervous Breakdown blog) recently found out his musical Jason and Ben has been selected for inclusion in the New York Musical Theater Festival, but he needs to raise some money to make it happen.
A synopsis of the story:

In Jason & Ben, a new one-act indie-rock musical, two gay men, 32-year-old Jason and 25-year-old Ben, meet in a New York City park on Christmas Eve. Both failed musicians, they play a game of sexual and psychological manipulation on the “loneliest night of the year,” building violently to an unpredictable end.

If you can help out with any amount to help Matt reach his first goal of $1800 by next Monday, you can donate here. Note your credit card will only be charged if he meets his goal.
ALSO, I will be traveling for the next two weeks, so I would like to welcome guestblogger Graydon back to !! omg blog !! during that time! Please give him lots of big wet kisses.

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