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!! OMG, she dead: Mimi La Rue !!

Tori Spelling’s dog Mimi La Rue died at age 11. This was a few days ago but the world is still mourning her.
Apparently Tori said:

People everywhere knew her by name. I loved when fans wanted her over me.

Tori must have loved every minute of her life, in that case.
See a picture of Mimi and Tori after the jump. A million kisses to whoever can tell me the difference between them.


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    tori’s poor tits are ugly when can i get those kisses started

    I can’t tell the difference but I want the kisses. bring it!

    Mimi could act. Seriously, “Trick” would have been much better if Mimi had been the faghag. (Or fagwag.)

    I don’t hate Tori, and I have a Pug myself, so I am very sad for her today. Pugs are crazy, but they’re pure love — hope she’ll get another one.

    One’s a bitch and the other is a small cuddly animal.

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