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!! OMG, how hard done by: Laura Ingraham !!

Conservative bitch commentator Laura Ingraham had a hard time on her shortlived Just In program on Fox News because of the age-old problem of always feeling like the smartest person in the room. The video above shows her slowly realizing that literally every single member of her news team is incompetent, and also that her forehead is shiny (which it is). (via HuffPo via Kevin R.)

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    Oh, she’s being sabotaged by the left-wing producers and…
    hell, i can’t do that without giggling. She’s a complete bitch and doesn’t belong on television.

    I wish this would happen to Bill O’reilly.

    Each time she takes her lord’s name in vain, does that garish crucifix ’round her neck glow brighter?

    sorry, i’m not a fan of hers, but she comes across sympathetically here … it’s the idiots around her that deserve a walloping…

    “Don’t come in my ear” “I don’t want a hoverer! Don’t hover at me. God…” “There’s a Hispanic man in my prompter.”
    Haha, bitch.

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