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!! OMG, how lifelike: Hair Hats !!

Japanese pop artist Nagi Noda has created fantastical animal sculptures out of models’ hair. Check out a few close-ups after the jump.

(Thanks to Karen A. for the tip!)
RELATED: Nagi Noda’s short film “Poodle Aerobics”

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    This so should be a challenge for Shear Genius, with the girls of ANTM compete for the best photo.
    I am so gay today…

    I think Björk wore one of these during one of her London concerts in April – people on the Björk 4um were trying to figure out what was on her head:

    The Rabbit and Elephant hats are awesome…. Wonder if these can be done in a “Big Hair” style for our entertainment fund raising “drag show” performers….??? Fantastic!! (Not to say the others are less awesome)…

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