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!! OMG, new Grace Jones: ‘Corporate Cannibal’ !!

Grace Jones’s new Hurricane album is her first one in 19 years, and this is the video for its first single, “Corporate Cannibal.” I wouldn’t want to watch this alone in a dark room… Or maybe I would! (Thanks for Kevin R. for the tip!)

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    I got bored after the first minute.

    I’m so glad the B52s AND Grace are back. She has always been such a strikingly beautiful woman [face and body], and it’s good to see her. The video makes her look like the offspring of Alien and an Edvard Munch painting. Beautiful b/w video!!

    None of my sources have listings for a new Grace Jones CD. Please, more info on when and where we can get it.

    Welcome Back Grace, Missed you

    Wow, Grace Jones goes Anne Clark.
    Somber poems evoking a sinister capitalist world.
    Wouldn’t have guessed that you can still make money out of the eighties, but somebody always unearthes another fragment that can be updated.
    And there are a lot worse than Grace’s try here….

    I love it! One of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. It’s simple, but really effective.

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