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!! OMG gossip: No BJ for Amy Winehouse !!

Amy Winehouse is not delicious enough to warrant her own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor [agent bedhead]
James Franco gets wet for the September GQ [the bosh]
Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Ritchie, and Joel Madden party in flannel [dana’s dirt]
Hunk magician Criss Angel launches new line of nipple-cut-out t-shirts [frillr]
The Olympic swim team looks sexiest when they are winning [oh la la]
Billy Bob Thornton will be even scarier to children in the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake [dlisted]
OMG, new gay congressman [queerty]
Dazed Digital has had a facelift [dazed digital]
Get a sneak peek of Gossip Girl Season 2 [popbytes]
Kanye West comes up with a good plan B: burger restaurants in Chicago [icydk]
Play “Kim Kardashian: Ass Detective.” It’s two big butt-cheeks of fun [cityrag]
Roberto Cavalli enjoys chopping up young girls [jossip]
Nipple slips can happen everywhere, even in the Olympic womens waterpolo pool [drunken stepfather NSFW]
Raven Symone found her new concert outfit in the pirate’s tri-zunk [webster’s is my bitch]

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    Heh great. By the way, did you know that ICQ is not FREE anymore? More info here: http://xrl.us/onw8m-icqnews

    G’day! Just wanted to say that I love your blog, and have now added a link to it on my own. Keep up the great work!
    Sydney, Australia

    I love these. Cuts down the number of sites I have to visit. Now it’s basically just !! omg blog !!, Gmail and Facebook.

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