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!! OMG, I want I want: Munchkin Cat !!

Munchkin Cats are a controversial variety of kitties that are bred to have short widdle legs caused by a genetic abnormality.
I would love my baby Muchkin Cat, even if it is technically a gimp!
See another cutie baby after the jump.
Thanks to my dear Joey-Baby for the tip. Have fun in Boston!

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    I think the little tard kittens are cute. Of course, I also think kids with downs are cute. Maybe something is wrong with me…anyway, they’re precious


    You’re an idiot.
    I’m a “gimp”
    Who uses that kind of language anymore?

    Repulsive. The first one must have been a sick thrill for the person taping it.

    dont’ support that kind of shit, it’s unhealthy for the animals, and if say one of the litter had some legs that were unbalanced, often breeders who specialize in “novelty” pets will just kill them

    I can’t get my eyes off the second one! And it’s all YOUR fault!

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