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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, they’re naked: College Wrestlers !!

Apparently Fratmen.tv actually uses real frat boys! Two college wrestlers were recently exposed as part-time porn models on a blog in their college town, Lincoln, Nebraska. Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan (“Nash” and “Cal” respectively on Fratmen) posed solo for the gay porn site.
See some NSFW pics of the boys after the jump.

NSFW photos from FLESHBOT

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    wow~How fantastic!


    Talk about breathtaking. I’d love to be ridden hard and put away wet by both of them. Imagine the straight wrestlers who feel those two stiffies knocking at their back doors in some of those wrestling holds LOL

    I subsribe to that website. I didn’t know they use real frat boys. LOL damn.

    OMG !!!!
    With cocks like that, why not?

    Can it be? Since when are ‘college jocks’ really college jocks? And, a couple of smoking-hot college jocks at that.

    omg, impressive.
    represent midwest!
    lol, yum!!

    Fratmen just got itself new member….

    If these two were coeds who posed for Playboy, would anyone blink an eye?

    They are not only college jocks but Nash is our national wresting champion while Cal is on the team. They are now getting into trouble for their solo adventures.

    hot as hell!!

    Whatever! You all act as if you’ve never seen a big cock before.

    I googled these fellas…the one on the left wrestled in a 125 lb weight class…so what does that make him like 5′ tall?

    Hell, whatever pays the tuition!

    OMG is right! Ive been seein so much ugly uncut cocks are here lately,I was givin up hope. These guys are both so hot,my eyes are burning! They’ve got hot faces,bods & their cocks are so beautiful!Thats what all men should aspire 2 be like. Boy do I miss my fellow All American Boys!No more ugly cocks on here!!!

    5 ft tall or not, They are beautiful looking men…Ass up, I’d take em both on their hands and knees…Hot!!

    Two things- the two wrestlers have already been dismissed (and the media’s insistence on pointing out that it’s a “gay website” when the two guys don’t do anything “gayer” then jacking off should offend all of us. (What, women don’t watch porn? Don’t tell my ex girlfriend that.)
    Second, based on his weight and build (and the typical size of guys in that class), Donohoe is probably between 5’4″ and 5’7″- so if anyone is good with math and ratios and wants to determine whether his size is for real or an optical illusion, go ahead.

    I think that Donohoe boy’s got a bright future in front of the cameras….

    Wrestling is hot. I once wrestled a jelly donut from an old woman. True story. She was tough. But I won.

    There is so much hypocrisy in America. Everyone watches porn however if someone acts in it than its a big issue. I think people in US should stop being so narrow effing mineded

    i am extremely proud to be a Nebraska native now haha

    Paul’s hot but don’t know about the guy with the pig nose

    It would be nice if someday all the Americans who have sticks up their asses about nudity and porn would get the fuck over it. So what, young men have outside activities to make money. I do doubt there would be the same outcry about female athletes who happen to work at hooters etc. I agree with the comments that its mainly an issue because most viewers are probably gay men, and old farts freak at even a whiff of ‘the gay’ about their athletes. Kinda ironic considering almost all sports seem based on gay subtexts anyway.


    For those who were wondering, the problem isn’t that they posed nude…its that they received compensation for it, which is a violation of NCAA regulations. Had tihs been a free porn site with unpaid actors, it would not have been an eligibility violation. Thats why Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner is still on the football team…it wasn’t for a pay-porn site.

    I guess because they are from the midwest they are both circumcised. I might expect it from Donahoe but Jordon looks like he might be hispanic. Hispanic dudes usually have a long foreskin. Both guys look like they were cut real tight. I think thats the way they do circumcision in the midwest. High and tight

    thank god they’re both circumsized…would be a huge turn off if they werent. Is it just a midwestern thing to get cut shortly after birth? Thank god I was born in the midwest then

    Circumcised both, maybe they have Jewish mothers?

    The size (and circumcised vs. uncircumcised) queens on here are actin’ like dickbags and need to get a life (and a penis!). Thank God for Midwest boys like these two. The only thing hotter than these pics would be seein’ some close-ups of the juice these guys produce…BTW, yep, I’m from the Midwest and, circumcision-wise, that IS how we do it…

    Very hot beautiful wrestlers!!!!!!Amazing!!!!

    umm it may just be me… but in the first picture Jordans penis looks huge… and Donahoes doesnt… then in the second set of pics its like they traded penis’… cus thenDonahoes looks huge and jordans not so much…. does anyone else notice this?

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