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!! OMG, they’re naked: Olympians !!

Competitors bare all for an advertising campaign for the Olympics. See more NSFWy photos after the ju-ju-ju-jump.
Thanks to Mr. Stanfield for the tip.


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    maybe it is amputated. He could be an olympian for the special olympics…

    I like the backflip pic; but the photos of the dude with red hair look weird — he has a great body, but they should have picked some better shots — especially the second one, makes him look like his right arm is amputated.
    There’s a long history of Olympians posing nude, so this is really nothing new — but I ain’t complainin’. Where are the rest of the pictures?

    Some people apparently have a different definition of “baring it all”.

    That is not a ju-ju-ju-jump, that’s a plug, a shameless one.

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