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!! OMG, her swansong: Nagi Noda !!

The music video for Japanese pop star Meg’s song “Precious” is recently deceased pop artist/director Nagi Noda’s final project. And what a project it is. Be careful watching to the end. I had trouble breathing I was laughing so hard.
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    I’m not the only one that saw people painted black right? It’s cool if you blur your eyes though. Oh, and I love cats.

    *sigh* really?
    Not a complaint about posting the video, it’s cute.
    But, really? Much applause to the technical wizardry they pulled off in the video. . .
    The way she was “dancing” in the video is something I’ve seen in anime, but never seen someone actually flop around like an ass that way in real life.(as opposed to fake life?)
    Worth a chuckle.

    again with the fucking cats…

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