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!! OMG, he’s naked: Stephen Colbert !!

Okay, so I might have drank a few Kir Royals, eaten a full bag of Clodhoppers, and fallen asleep on the couch watching the first season of Strangers with Candy on DVD…but at least because of doing that I happened upon some naked frames of comic pundit Stephen Colbert. They’re a bit blurry, but something pokes out from between Stephen’s legs when he gets up from his nude modeling pose. Check out a few NSFW frames of Colbert after the jump.

CM Capture 1.png
CM Capture 4.png
CM Capture 5.png
CM Capture 6.png

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    Well, he’s just pulled an Anthony Weiner. He’ll never become a congressman or get a senate seat now!

    Jeez, spiffy, picky much? He could look so much worse. I think the pic is kind of cute. And even though he is probably wearing that sock thing, we are still seeing quite a bit more than I thought was even out there.
    But how many people have a lean trim body IRL anyway? Stars are still people, and people aren’t skinny. Fast/junk food is too plentiful, and most people don’t physically work for a living, and don’t exercise, either.

    I won’t lie.
    I’ve ‘turbated to that episode a time or two. What can I say?

    thats totally his peen! and by the looks of it i wish hed just show it.

    Why would you do this, especially on God’s holy day???
    Great show by the way! I want them to bring it back. 🙁

    Wow, I’m not turned on at all… Is it the suit I like? (Not this birthday suit obviously.) Maybe it’s the big hair? I was expecting to see a lean trim body, not a sunken chest…
    The old skits that he did where he was deep-kissing some dude was kinda hot though.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Stephen is wearing a “sock” that actors use to cover their genitals while filming nude scenes. D’oh!

    I would do him in a sec.

    Two Words… Low Hangers! HA HA

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