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!! OMG, she’s losing it: Amy Winehouse !!

Girl’s finally done lost it! The stick in the spokes gag kind of terrifies me. I hope that dude was in on it.
Watch another one HERE.

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    OMG that is hilarious. I don’t normally LOL but that totally cracked me up… even though that got a little hardcore/fucked-up as it went on.

    No shit, dumbass. Nobody really thought it was her.

    that’s not her!?!?!?

    OMG, how did you find it on Youtube?
    hahaha, this is from a brazilian show called “Pânico na TV”. Quite funny, btw 🙂

    that is just frikkin’ funny. i am still laughing as i type this.

    thats not really her.
    its a man dressed like her.
    i wish people would lay off of her, she is amazing.

    holy shit that is freaking hilarious

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