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!! OMG, forget cigarettes: How to Unwind After Sex !!

I have to hear the guy tell me he loves me. I have to, or I just cryyyyyyyyy and cryyyyyyyyy until he tells me.

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    OMG, wtf. Are there more like that?
    (-1 though b/c you could see the bottle blond still had his jeans on. It kind of ruined the illusion for me. Still funny, though.)

    Because it is Dell for “Private Practice, I thought the same thing and looked it up.

    The cute “Chris” guy looks kind of like Dell from “Private Practice.”

    that was great, and i want to have sex with chris. before or after i don’t care when. i just want to fuck his brains out.

    That vid is too funny! But the best part was reading the caption about crying after sex until the dude tells you he loves you. Now that is hilarious! Love it. Thanks.

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