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!! OMG, Freudian slip: John McCain !!

At a speech yesterday in Pennsylvania, John McCain called the crowd he was addressing “my fellow prisoners.” Then there is confused silence. Sarah “one heartbeat away” Palin stands smiling approvingly in the background. (via Queerty)

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    he was talking about his fellow prisoners when he was a POW
    you all are so ignorant

    I hope these true colors of his continue to keep coming out in the public domain.
    what an old fool, with lipstick wearing pitbull behind him.

    b.a.’s gotta be brighter than any one on “TeamSarah!!!” cuz i think b.a. knows Jesus didn’t ride on wooly mammoths hunting dinosaurs

    Seriously, I hope BARRY doesn’t win for the sake of the US and the rest of the world! “LOL WUT!” – b.a. is not very bright.

    Seriously i hope this man doesnt win for the sake of the US and the rest of the world!

    LOL WUT!

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