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!! OMG, my new favorite pundit: Betty White !!

No one has ever called Sarah Palin a “crazy bitch” so convincingly as Betty White. (via Chase M. and Feyfriends)

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    You Go Girl…Nuff said….

    Betty White is funny as hell on here.
    By the way, here is a website that shares all the Sarah Palin dirt to support Barack Obama!

    Betty White is a true star. She’s speaking the funniest lines and stays deadpan throughout. I love that woman – someone give her another Emmy for something.

    I always knew I loved Betty White!
    Obama/White 08!!!

    no one could have said and done this any better then Betty White. she is a legend. b.t.w. the full version of this can be seen at Perez s’ sight (sorry Frank) and should be watched it is funny as hell.

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