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!! OMG, never give up: Michelle Sutlovich !!

Amazingly, she’s self-taught! Well, her mom gave her some moves, too, but she’s had no formal training! Amazing. Straight to the top Michelle! I just know you’re going to be big one day soon. I know it’s been 26 years since you made this but hold on to that shooting star even if it’s burning a hole through your heart!
Discovered by FEY FRIENDS.

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    I’ll make an exception to my policy “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything”, based on your own exception:
    if you have nothing nice to post, please don’t post anything.

    that was amazing. she’s already a star! 🙂

    Come one…give this gurl some slack. Atleast she had the guts to wear that outfit. That has to account for something.

    Only in America lmao. Didn’t even know I needed the laugh, but let me thank you for this awesome post. The ones after Michelle are also hilarious. How to choose… 😉

    Kick, kick, kick!

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