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!! OMG, he’s naked: Mike Doyle !!

Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the only actor willing to go nude on the Broadway stage. Mike Doyle also let his stuff hang out earlier this year in the Lincoln Center production of Paul Rudnick’s The New Century.
See the NSFW stills and video after the jump!

UPDATE: The folks at Lincoln Center are very upset that some observant readers discovered Mr. Doyle’s cockring and have threatened me with legal action if I continue to host the photos.
UPDATE 2: The Rapidshare video link is now dead. If you find a new version, please post it in comments.
I hope that all the publicity we gave this show helped Lincoln Center recoup the costs of their overzealous legal team. I haven’t been bullied like this since I posted those naughty cell phone photos hockey player Jiri Tlusty took of himself.
UPDATE 3: There is now a video online! Check it out here.

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