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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, more naked Daniel Radcliffe !!

It looks like someone finally bothered to take some cell phone footage from the FRONT ROW at a an Equus performance. After the jump, find the biggest and clearest nude photos and video yet of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe getting all dramatic and naked on stage (NSFW).

Click to enlarge.
And the video:

(Thanks to CB for the photos and video!)
Make sure to check out the original video I posted a few weeks ago as well!

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    Blimey!! Harry Potter got some big balls! Nice….

    good grief…
    ya boy has got some low hangers.

    Nice nutts


    You know, the kid’s a good actor.

    Thank you! Finally. Can he pose nude with a boner now? I’m tired of this softy shit. I want a hard harry!

    can we have the download file in rapidshare like the last video you put on this blog ..lol thaznk’s .
    I see the original in london last year this guy is a great actor !!!!

    So can we please clone him, make the clone gay, and have him star in gay porn? PLEASE?


    I’m jealous- not because the dick is that impressive (it isn’t), but because he has huge balls…that pretty much guarantees a nice “package” while clothed. Then again, it also means he possibly has lower than average testosterone, but at least he won’t have to worry about back hair and baldness as he ages. 😉

    So um…is it cold on stage, do you suppose?

    Holy cow! You guys are right – he has some big balls for a young’in. And if you catch the side view just right you can see he actually has something going on down there.

    Small cock, Huge balls!

    Big nuts.

    Average cannon. Impressive balls.

    omg that’s tiny.

    Do we have a download source for the video?

    Where are the Ruprint Grint pics? Isn’t it time he got his due?

    I think bouncing penises are hot. He looks great, even though his dick is kind of small. I had no idea it was visible for THAT long, the previews made it seem like if you blinked you’d miss it.

    Why hasn’t someone mention the obvious…he’s got a small wanker as opposed to large balls

    I am speechless. I’ve seen bigger dicks on a 6 year old! I gotta give him credit tho – he’s got balls to do this play knowing he’s hung like a 3 year old!

    Dudes come on, his junk is totally flaccid, it could definitely be misleading. Plus I bet he’s totally freezing up there in the dry ice.
    That said, yowza @ the balls.

    Goodness sake, he’s not hard so you really can’t judge his size. Some people are growers and others are showers. He’s got a nice pair of balls

    Those who think it’s so tiny sound like they’ve never seen a real cock in the flesh – smaller ones like this generally grow a lot when erect.

    Kudos to Mr. Radcliffe. To the others only concerned with with penis size, go back to your porno. Would you be this brave? Didn’t think so. I can only imagine what YOU look like.(by the way, how do you know how big it is?)

    C’mon, what’s up with the “small” talk? Even flaccid I think it looks very attractive and this lifelong gay man likes to consider the whole man and not just his stuff.

    Is he cut or uncut? Can’t tell!

    I saw it in London,had 6th row center seats. When he got naked(after all,isnt that the only reason anybody goes 2 see ridiculous junk like this?)I got out my binoculars & they didnt leave my face til his clothes were put back on. It looked ok,maybe hes a grower(I am). Nice balls,it was a decent size(4 all u size queens!)I had a hard time tellin whether he was cut(its possible,but he is English)but Id still give it a go! Average is ok!

    for all those comments about Dan Rad’s penis size.. you’d think ppl would actually KNOW that the penis looks different (and often smaller) when not errect. It reads like a bunch of 10 year olds who haven’t learned basic biology yet

    lots of dicks are small when they’re soft. ugh. anyone have common sense? his nuts are big! he’s such a cutie!

    I had no idea what a lucky woman i’ve been if that little weiner is considered *normal sized* Lol! Quite frankly i’d get dressed and leave if a man dropped tro’ and that’s all he had to work with with.

    YAY! OMG Blog gets linked from BWE TV once again!

    Fantastic!!! Wish I lived in NY. Would love to see this play live.

    Yea it could be cold,yea it could be soft, but to me that thing looks as perked as it will ever get.Damn i liked harry potter before this, I guess sometimes things are just suppose to be left to the imagination!!!

    He’s a handsome young man and his penis is fine–and he appears to have huge nuts—-all that said–does any of that define him as a person?—I think not!! –only to superficial people!

    He has some pretty big balls to play that role.
    Pun completely intended.

    I think it’s hilarious that people are commenting on the size of his penis, saying it’s small. Apparently these people have never actually seen a flaccid one, because *gasp* they change sizes! Who knew? Also, consider performing in the nude in front of an audience. I’m really hoping you people are 12 year old girls, because you obviously have no idea how the male anatomy works otherwise.

    He is uncut. They showed another photo of him before and it was a closeup and his penis was semihard (or it must have been) because it was much bigger and you could see it was uncut.

    Yeah! Why didn’t he pick a longer penis when he was in line!
    Are all you people serious? Get a life! There is nothing wrong with is penis. I’d like to see if some of you would have the GUTS to do a play like that, Night after night, knowing most people are just there to see what God gave you and then pick on it.
    I think not!
    Kudos Daniel.

    Is it just me or does his penis seem to eventually get semi hard?

    LOL, indeed! “Wow” must be the kind of size queen who loiters around produce markets waiting for someone to drop a zuchinni.
    …and “meranda”, you just go on imagining beer cans and baby’s arms.

    Brave Master Radcliffe. Kudos upon kudos! Let’s get beyond the adolescent penis comments and focus on the fact that he is an very talented actor who has grown form an adorable boy to an admirable, beutiful young man. Let’s see: he was a smash hit in London and now he’s in the states met by critical accolades. Equus is a profound, complicated piece of work that requires extremely demanding performances from its actors. It’s a pity some can only focus on his nudity. He does look hot, though (grin)!

    Does anyone know where there is a downloadable copy of this video?

    He’s bold. Not too many people would get on stage completely nude.

    Very talented, beautiful and big enough!Major guts to do the role!

    My My My why do so many dwell on the size of this young Actors Penis, Babies I looked, hell scan above a take a Good look at those beautiful Blue Eyes. Little Harry Potter is now a Young Hot Man and he is starring in a Major Play. Remember this is a serious Play not a PORNO. Enjoy the sheer Beauty of the Young mans lovely hot body…………..

    i hope the play is worthy of his sacrifice to show the whole world his thingy.hehe.

    oh wow…. liked what I saw, lol!!! Mr. Potter has got a nice wand

    Honestly, my ex was hung similarly. He’s a grower, not a shower.
    Given an actual situation where completion was possible- I am sure his wand would do an *engorgio*.
    I’d like to speak “parcel tongue” to his snake and see if my theories would hold true.
    But I am a proud sensualist. (fancy-speak for “perv”)
    And Yeh- niiiiice set of balls.

    Yep, been there and saw that ! The balls were huge and the thing was getting semi-hard !

    talented, really? he’s so bland!
    This is one of my favourite plays, but I think he’s merely adequate.

    love it! i was definitely thinking the same thing…that thank god someone finally recorded some footage and that he’s a show-er and not a grower haha
    i linked the story to my site: http://www.icantbelievetheydidthat.com
    love your blog btw

    Well. All I can say As I would be Demi to his Ashton any day. Rawr.

    Why didn’t someone capture Edie Falco’s full nude performance!!

    huge balls are huuuuuge.

    I loved daniel radcliffe in Harry Potter and in December boys. But seeing hi naked is kewl but dan isn’t a little boy anymore he’s all man now

    Daniel Radcliffe isn’t a little boy anymore. And he looks good naked

    I must say, I laughed hysterically at the “click to enlarge” above the photos. And the horse-aliens?
    But, really, Dan. So floppy.

    Well, that made my night!
    I guess our boy made his height up somewhere else! Nice package!

    According to french women his penis is small & his balls are hudge, but i have seen the play , not to see him nacked and i have to say that it was a good play and he his brave to do that

    I do hope that they bring this play to Australia, with Daniel.That his he naked, well that is a plus.Yes, he does have a small dick and huge balls..I guess he may be a grower.

    he is how no matter what

    hi your so hot i like you to have sex i hope you can grany yhat to me. thanks for that images.

    this is wrong , people shouldnt have taken videos of this its illegal !

    Daniel Radcliffe is so hot what a cock and balls

    So, I’ve never seen this play, but it’s curious…..does he have relations with the horses or what?

    I dont care what people say…he is so hot and it would be a pleasure doing him…what an ass and cock

    I’m shocked no one’s commented on how fine his a$s is! (I don’t even like butts either.)
    And for the record, they lower the temps in the theatre to sub-zero in order to PREVENT his little fellow from getting too demonstrative!
    So, yes, he IS definitely a grower not a shower.

    vanessa – You’re an idiot. They do not lower the temperature for him, especially not to “sub-zero.” They can’t do that when they have a paying audience who expects heat in the winter. And I’ve seen this show twice (it’s my favorite play), and the second time Daniel was a little excited… and no, it was not large. But there’s nothing wrong with that, he’s just average.

    haha it’s so bouncy

    The people who puts videos and pictures like this out on the web, don’t care that much for other people’s feelings. I wouldn’t be so happy if I realized that people were commenting my more private parts either… Just think about it…

    he must have praticed this scene a lot of times.LOL
    i imagine its quite hard for a man NOT to get an erection laying in front of a naked girl.
    however, it would be odd if he gets an erection during the play, will he just keep on goin? and everybody stares on it, or what..pfffff hahah tough job

    Right HANE that’s why you were looking at these pictures and videos at 3:55 AM.
    Don’t look at stuff like this if you are oh so “worried about other people’s feelings.

    when i seen this vedio i feel ewwwwwwww..its so ewwww…
    it is emoral

    put it this way, if he would mind having his weiner shown to the world then he wouldn’t get on stage in his birthday suit in the first place now, would he? stop thinking about his feelings now cuz frankly, i dont think he cares.

    is it just me or does every guy that goes on stage naked have huge balls?

    looking 4 this 4 ages

    yeah seriously all you prudes wwhy did you go on here in the first place if you were so concerned of how he would feel of the media culture seeing getting a video of him nude? its rumored he will be nude in the last harry potter film (as it is in the book) but doubt theyd actually show anything since these films are marketed for kids and teenagers.


    It is but whats wierd is that its not erected i wish it was 🙁

    Harry has a hot dick and it is vary tiny and the girl had nice boobs

    Daniel radcliffe most definitly looks better with clothes and glasses on nobody has time for nakedness. And the little d*** he has is just embarrassing but still its not the size that matters its what is inside his outsides and his personality like if he is smart and cute and funny but cute is if i were dating a boy and i am only 12 (i am) then i dont look at his organs like you wouldnt go up to any dude and say “show me your d***” so its no what you cant see its what you do see or should see and that is what matters inside instead of the size of his giant balls or tiny d***

    i really like his penis.it’s small,but cute.it reminds me of my own.i think he’s beautiful.and it’s not size that matters anyway.i’m a gay man and i happen to prefer smaller penises.

    Twelve year-olds who can’t even construct decent sentences should NOT be on this site looking at naked people or anything else.

    i have to agree he is 12 where in the hell is his parents. But he is rite the size is what matters plus he might have some force behind that size. lol. big things come in small pacages.

    mmmmm,if you seek for him nude, you’ll find the same FAKE (when he appears with that horse, you know).
    Well here is the evidence of the real tiny fingus. I found the guy whom lend his nice cock, and and looks really sexy. Sorry but daniel is really unsexy

    Jeez people he’s not 12!!!!! He’s like 18 or something so it’s not wrong for him to be on this sight lol

    So he’s a really cute, baby-faced twink with a little button nose and eyes like big blue saucers, and he totally looks like jailbait, and yet somehow, SOMEHOW, you size-greedy bitches always manage to muster up shock and disdain when a guy like that – who already LOOKS like he’s probably got a little dick – actually HAS a little dick. I wish I could open-palm slap a clue into every one of you measurement-obsessed queens, most of whom are likely underhung to begin with. And for the record, I’d swing on Danny Boy’s cute little peanut until his eyes roll back in his head and he enters an altered state. NOT REALLY ANYTHING WRONG WITH CUTE LITTLE DICKS ON CUTE LITTLE GUYS…..

    oh ma gaaa that penis is very strange looking the sack was like twice as long as the penis itself… even though i am straight i still get aroused and curious while looking at penis’s

    Wow, he’s a great actor. I always thought he was really hot, too, but he’s also pretty small. Eh. Whatever, at least he can act.

    OK… xD
    So OBVIOUSLY it seems to be tiny..
    Normally, it is like that, but when it gets hard it ir liks 3 times that size.. so I think he does good =)

    Actually believe it or not when Daniel’s not nervous his dik is extremly big! 🙂

    his dick is small. but his ball seems to be extremely full. i don’t know why but probabily it’s been a little while since he got off his juice.

    he is hooooottttt…. i wanna lick his ass

    Gross! This guy is not attractive at all!

    His penis is very small he should of made it bigger. Man up Daniel.

    mmmm floppy. yummy

    uhh…. i am ur thick faaaaaannnnnn

    his dick is too small :S but he is damn HOTTTT :O i just like ittt

    ok ppl u can c da he is small but remember hes not hard so trust wen i say dat wen he is hard hes a very big boi

    Dan is a tiny guy, ( he`s 5’5). He`s not going to be seriously well endowed.

    AND,how does anyone on this forum know that he grows when erect? It`s not like they`ve been intimate with him….

    i dont care if it isnt that big its beautiful. as long as he knows how to use it and it isnt THAT small who cares. i would luv to show him what to do…again and again and again.

    th@s really fuked up the git tricked into gittin on a bus and havin 2 fuk a guy and they dnt even git the money fuked up show

    pretty enough for today’s hand job!


    I stand here today humbled by the task before dofus kamas, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our cheap dofus kamas. I thank President dofus for his service to buy dofus kamas, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

    ok.. to the idiot in the 2nd commetn i dont think he mind if people are watching him nude… cause if he did he wouldnt have acted in the play at all!!!and ok maybe he didnt knew pictures where taken (but he probably suspected if he has at least half braion left)but he probably didnt even mind considering that he standed in the nude in front of an audience….. and to the others even for a not erect dick it is a bit small so even erect it would be a bit small… sorry to disapoint u!


    That’s a ridiculously small dick! That’s goodness I’ve never encountered any that minute. I do not know what I would do if I did. Probably why they say once you go black, you never go back! Poor boy

    awsome dick, I want to get on my knees and suck it.
    or bet over and let him fuck into my ass

    hi i say persenaly because i hade i crush on daniel radcliffe 4 the past 10 years now and i say that is so rude who ever posted this picters the hell with him
    do you know yhat if daniel radcliffe saw thos picters 4 real
    but i think its sike

    Do you guys think he honestly cares that this pic is here? I doubt he searches the web for nude photos of himself. AND to the person who has obsessed over him for ten years, WOW!! Please seek help for your addiction. The fact that anyone is here looking at this photo is disturbing enough, LOL.Not to mention, learn how to spell.

    i am sure that your intention in going here is to see how big is dick is…………. who cares if it is big or not?………… for you it is called nudity….but in broadway it is called art…… what is the big deal if a dick is small or big?…… tell me…… answer back…..

    Uhh 😀 it’s so little 😀
    i couldn’t see it 😀 OMFG
    i would say : Daniel, please stay Harry Potter 😀

    Let me just say that it is probably really cold in that theater therefore maximum shrinkage of the penis will occur lol. And also, Dan will never fuck any of you fools so why exactly do you care how big his dick is. Finally, if this is what really concerns you people I weep for the future of humanity.

    lmao wow this put a nice damper to my harry potter fanfiction dude i dont care if its broadway or not ur dick is little as hell…lmfao omg keep ur clothes on… after seeing this i dont think i like harry potter or dan any more goodbye!

    im a boy and i am not gay but the only reason im seing this is because i like seing mens dick but sereosly his dick is small.

    He looks sexy no matter what, you guys are jelous becuase you will never have half the money he makes per movie or his talent. Really, And he also gets laid more that you guys probably.
    Anyways, size doesn’t matter.
    and I’m sure people will fuck him anyways, I know i would. So chill.
    and he is not really erect so you can’t what he looks like when he’s turned on.
    Eh, Just saying.
    Sexy dick Dan, good job. I wanna fuck you.

    You are all fucking retarded
    Daniel Radcliffe has the smallest cock known to man, its like a twig and two sunflower seeds between his legs


    Penisman, aren’t you the diplomatic one…How caring and sensitive…I bet you have lots of Friends…

    I’ve been dying to see this for ages. It isnt the bigggest dick I’ve seen but definitely not the smallest either. And I’ve seen my fair share. Good on him for being brave enough to do a nude scene in the name of art. I wouldn’t have the guts. Im sure with all the practice he gets he knows how to use it well anyway.

    Even if his dick isnt the biggest in the world, he problably could get every girl he want. Also he is a very funny guy. Have seen any of his interviews? So hilarious

    I salute Dan for his bildness to do this nude scene. Big manhood or small, doesn`t matter….we all love you !! Have you guys seen an actor showing off his small penis? No…and for Dan to show his,is something to be admired. Bet it is really big when strong and ready for action !!! and to all his critics…please Shut the F Up. All the way , Dan.

    Ok first of he has a nice size dick u try and get urs out on stage and act and see how big urs is its not even hard in the performance second he is a very talanted actor that it took rell guts to do that and last yea he can get any woman he wants

    I would totally levicorpus his death stick until he patronused all over my quick quotes quill! NOX

    I would totally levicorpus his death stick until he patronused all over my quick quotes quill! NOX

    Ok those have to be one of the biggest pair of football sized bouncy balls I have ever seen!! And I have seen quite a few. Beautiful and Hot, if it wasn’t such a painful and serious scene *ahem*

    If thats the best this site can do at trying to show pictures than they need to give it up. Worse pictures and stolen pictures. GET YOUR OWN PICS WEB MASTERS

    his dick is small be cus he dus not have a BONER OK PEOLE MY DICK IS LIKE THAT BUT I GET A BONER ITS 8/2ins OK SO STOP IT OK

    Why can’t he get hard for the Arts?


    i would suck that from dawn to dusk

    i really don’t understand why everyone keeps saying his dick is small… you have absolutely no way of judging that. true, it’s small when he doesn’t have an erection. but seriously, my dick is about that size when i’m not hard, but when i am it’s a good 7″. i just hear this shit all the time, people being like, “oh my god look how small that guys dick is!” when for all they know, he most likely grows 4 or 5 more inches when he’s hard. that’s the way the body works. it’s not normal at all for a guy to be walking around with an 8″ flaccid dick. i mean seriously, use your heads people.

    like this site very much….since daniel wants to show off his body to the public, there’s no point hiding his nuke pic & vid….people like to see it too..

    i would suck his hard cock daily! And he can put it in my ass whenever he wants! SUCK ME DANIEL!!!

    you would think the boy who lived would have a bigger dick.
    but hey, who cares? he’s a great actor, and it takes balls to be naked in front of all of England. (:

    I would love to feel his dick get hard in my mouth.
    I would swallow every drop of his love juice.

    Damn! his balls are huge! Lol! and I don’t think his cock is small, it’s just not hard now. I think it’d be a big cock when hard. Beautiful and hot boy.

    My God! Who knew Harry Potter would show his uncut dick. Keep on Dangling that Daneil!

    My God! Who knew Harry Potter would show his uncut dick. Keep on Dangling that Daneil!

    tsil!! shvézn Harry’z Shbëith est tänch grùnd tasv jklèézst

    WOW!!! I’d suck his dick, legit. And I’m not even gay! 😮 now what does that tell you?

    Oh God! I’m wanking off his dick right there! Fuck me, Daniel, Fuck me!!!

    is that really him?its all blury to me.

    My friends and I just watched the vid & we are all LMFAO at his tiny lil dick. OMG that is so embarrassing. why would he show his chode to the world!?!

    I think people should remember the fact that he’s not hard while preforming on stage, so to say that he “has a little dick” makes you seem ignorant about the male body and sex in general. So small children please don’t watch this because you obviously don’t know enough to add anything intellectual to the conversation.

    his penis is a but small for my liking. but his balls are huge! I wouldnt mind if he screwed me ;p

    dude , he has a nice penis! though he isnt hard ..wish he would have been lol!!! turn on

    sexy im turned on …wish he would have been hard lol!! bet he did do her:) wait did he do her in the play??

    Haha, dumb people on here. The male sexual organ can grown TEN TIMES ITS SIZE when erected. The fact that he didn’t get a boner in that situation is HONORABLE. If you’re just a young little princess then OFC you think he’s got a small dick, but you’re stupid to think so. If you actually see a “big” non-erected penis, it probably won’t grow a lot when it’s erected. That’s because the non-erected penis is different from person to person. And if you actually find his non-erected penis to be a problem, then you’re just too unattractive to make him erect. Sucks for you, ugly looser.

    oh my god, the most of you are so childish. “fuck me, daniel, fuck me!”
    you don’t even know him and want him to fuck you? grow up little girl.


    @Katie What’s so intellectual about someone junk? You can suck my dick anytime!

    damn its small

    thats hot i will never be able to watch Harry Potter the same again

    My god look what you have become, It would be better for you if you would let me kill you at least you wouldn’t be naked.

    Goddamit! Cheat! Avada kedavra your ass!!

    hot sooo hot i love daniel radcliffe

    omg you guys r soo nasty he is soo ugly how do you guys wach this i feel soo bad for my self and im waching harry poter right now

    so` evil, the video sould not be seeìng from somebody, not in af page like this here!!!

    So what if he is naked, his acting was amazing, quite phenomenal. Yes it is true that he is hot and I’m sure every horny harry potter follower is just so amazed by this but truth is, his performance was top notch. You did good Daniel coming from yes a fan but i find you did better in the December boys. Keep at it, you will be in the ranks of the best of actors from all over the world one day if you keep at it and do not let an event like this get you down.

    wow, that play seems quite annoying, bunch of screaming

    I love how he’s just like, “OH FUCK OFF!” plus, cannot see harry potter in the same way. But, he’s hot. o.o

    omg mini cock

    His balls are, like, twice the size of his dick!

    Dont you dummies know that there are penises that triple in size once the male is excited? They are growers not show-ers. Proof of how immature and ignorant you are… sigh.

    The comment on top is right… there are growers and showers… i’m about 2-3 inches when i’m not erect… however i’m a 1/4 inch shy of 7 inches when erect – true story. Give mr. radcliffe a little credit for being brave to bare it all in front of thousands!

    it may be small but i sucked it so much its so hard in me i loved it so much


    i wood love to taste him

    Haha looks like you have a small wand

    My apologies my dear boy, in repsonse for your owl you sent me – I haven’t found a single charm that… well… will grow one specific part of the body. Engorgio for some reason doesnt work on… the area you mention… unlike how you should remember how Fred and George gave Dudley a ton tounge toffee… some people are just stuck with smaller wands

    I love your pics Daniel.Its so sexy……. I LOVE U.

    Guys and gals you do realise that he’s not hard. >_>


    lol, it’s common sense that a man has a small penis when it is not erect. OnNLY when it is erect, you can measure it is his full length. Also, it is not always that having a huge soft penis accounts for a huge erect and hard penis. or visa versa. And besides, it will be totally useless for you all, unless he will have sex with you, dUH?

    omg so friggin hot but how can you be a hundred percent sure that’s Radcliffe? It could be a look alike. ‘s far ‘s I can see that’s not even his face

    Wow he has a really big sack. He is very attractive naked.

    Wow he has a really big sack. He is very attractive naked.

    i just wanna fuck him. I will lick him everywhere. Uh. I am now doing sex with another man and he says that he rather do sex with him

    Danny Bonaduce put the ball in the 2008 Exotic Erotic Ball when he streaked across the stage. But, apparently, there wasn’t much to see…
    Homo Erectus Pic:

    How cum his penis doesn’t get erect when he is totally naked in front of a naked hot girl?!?!
    Mine just shoots right up at the thought

    Daniel Radcliff is so fucking hot, but screw that. I’m reading the sass fights in the comments.

    Celebrity dick shots remind all of us to keep the tool healthy and camera ready. Using a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps with dry or flaky skin, redness, splotchiness, etc.

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