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!! OMG gossip: Lindsay Lohan doesn't really use MySpace !!

Lindsay Lohan is only still using MySpace because they are paying her [the blemish]

Lost star Josh Holloway gets wet and shirtless for Cool Water [socialite life]

Is Seth Green propositioning men for sex in the West Village? [dlisted]

Ed "Chuck" Westwick and Jessica "Vanessa" Szohr are the latest in the chain of fake Gossip Girl cast member relationships [just jared]

Barack Obama will allow gay band geeks to march in his Inaugural Parade [towleroad]

Did recently-out actor T.R. Knight walk off the set of Gray's Anatomy? [sow]

OMG Zahara Jolie-Pitt has an evil twin! [agent bedhead]

Beyonce works her Sasha Fiercest look for Giant magazine [farandulista]

Lisa "Hot Lips" Rinna may soon have her very own reality show. I want to watch it split screen with the Heidi Fleiss documentary. [gabby babble]

OMG gossip: Too many 'Gossip Girl' couples
OMG gossip: Boy George has been very bad
OMG gossip: Take your dogs to the polls
OMG gossip: Everyone is slutty
OMG gossip: Britney supports marriage rights for her fans

» posted by Frank on Monday, December 8, 2008
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