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!! OMG gossip: Poor Kevin and Kyra !!

Bernard Madoff has made-off with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick's money [socialite life]

OMG Jude Law diving shirtless in Brazil! [made in brazil]

Toni Collette gets her own show on Showtime: The United States of Tara [popbytes]

The Hills spin-off shows Bromance and The City are bad and unpopular [defamer]

Blue Man Group is a little less family friendly now that one of the cast members pulled a George Michael in a public Chicago park [bwe]

Balthazar Getty is getting kicked out of the Brothers and Sisters family [dlisted]

Refinery 29 has released their top 20 albums and free music downloads for 2008 [refinery 29]

OMG gay teen marriage on Star Trek! [the sword]

Bryanboy is going to appear in Vogue [bryanboy]

OMG gossip: Ryan Seacrest admits his propensity for manlove
OMG gossip: Oscar for Mariah?
OMG gossip: Corruption at the VMAs!
OMG gossip: Where Michael Phelps finds his energy
OMG gossip: Queen Elizabeth II in the poor house

» posted by Frank on Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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