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!! OMG, he’s naked: Cristian Solimeno !!

Actor Cristian Solimeno, who played Jason Turner in the show Footballer’s Wives, has taken it all off on-screen a couple times and we’ve got the NSFW shots after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip.

Click to enlarge.

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    I love his mouth. Those lips..

    I saw him on the last episode of ‘The It Crowd’ and WOW! What a hot man! He plays a sexy italian barista.

    I think he’s pretty hot as he is.

    There was cock in the first episode of Footballers Wifes… i think it was the hot dude married to Chardonay… get those pics up!!

    Nice ass small dick

    extremely hot, but boy does he ever need to hit the treadmill… if he got buff, he’d be amazing.

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