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!! OMG, Madonna for Louis Vuitton !!

Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs allegedly invited Madonna to pose for the new ad campaign via text message, and she responded after five minutes with “I’d love to.”
Here are the first leaked results, shot by Madonna’s favorite fashion photographer Steven Meisel.
View another one after the jump.

(via Socialite Life)




    Man, she looks really good there, especially considering she’s 50. I want to still be dressing like that when I’m 50.

    I’d like to see a pose where she doesn’t spread her legs. Well, maybe I don’t.

    I don’t understand why she’s dressed like a slutty turkey.

    Ok, can the gays get over Madonna? I stopped loving her at the cowboy hat in the limo video. Move on ladies!

    don’t like the style of the pics : quite… dark. don’t like her looking mean. don’t like the clowny ridiculous bags. hey? didn’t she copy britney spears a bit?

    See Timmy, that is what a 50 year old whore looks like.

    the pic with her leg up is hot!!
    great photo!

    she look like Jerry Hall 🙂

    ever since she found that leotard that woman hasn’t put on pants

    She has legs like a two dollar hooker.

    was wondering how much LV paid Madonna for this ad…

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