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!! OMG, best costume for the day: Courtney Love shopping !!

If Courtney Love isn’t careful, she’s going to end up like Little Edie. I do love this outfit for shopping, though. How could any salesperson even begin to figure out what she needs? (via Dlisted)

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    I think the bigger picture question is what DOESN’T she need. She’s as big of a trainwreck as she ever was. I remember a local morning host’s comment when she was on MTV’s Unplugged: “The only time I want to see Courtney Love unplugged is if she is on life support!” LMAO

    She needs some new SSRIs. And maybe some prescription glasses. I hope she has a good health plan.

    I wonder if some sales person would give her the Pretty Woman attitude. She is dressed for the part … yuck.

    She looks like some sort of decadent homeless person. In a few years she will look like the cat lady on the simpsons.

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