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!! OMG gossip: Bad day for Britney !!

OMG Britney Spears’s boobs are shrinking! [socialite life]
And her Twitter was hacked with a very funny message [dlisted]
New Steven Meisel shots of Madonna for Louis Vuitton [towleroad]
OMG who is cuter, Jon Stewart or his son? [wimb]
Vanessa Minnillo discusses True Beauty, the new reality show about modeling she is hosting [oh la la]
Pajiba’s worst films of 2008 [pajiba]
Rihanna and Chris Brown get re-engaged, or at least buy new rings [cityrag]
Barack Obama has appointed a gay man to his staff, but not a cabinet position or anything like that [queerty]
OMG vintage photos of model Wayne Pickett in the buff [dudetube, link NSFW]

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