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!! OMG, he’s naked: Rico from I Love New York !!

Rico from Season 2 of I Love New York showed up on the Playboy Channel’s show Foursome where he was doused in chocolate syrup and had sex with his lady-friend. See the NSFW screen grabs after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video here.
Thanks to Dudetube (link NSFW) for the fabulous caps!

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    I came to this page looking for uncensored clips from this show (more for the girls than the guys) – thanks for posting this one. You folks should know the DVD release of the show censors almost all of the sex scenes apparently. Certainly the more hardcore aspects of Rico’s scenes are not on the DVD. I was very disappointed to find this out.

    Hey, does anyone know where i can download the full episode for this.

    hey ricofan where did u get the video from? how can i get other episodes??

    I want to see more episodes of this show…

    Just looked at the web page for that show. There are a lot of hot guys on that show. Try to show more clips from it.

    Those truly hideous plastic tits kinda distracted me…I felt queasy……

    He is so fuckin hot i dont care what anyone says..i wanna be suckin that chocolate

    maybe I do need the playboy channel.
    Im suddenly in the mood for a banana split.

    it was season 1 of i love new york 2 nd woah hes a hottie

    Nice. Only improvement would have been if it were all men, but if that’s his lifestyle, I’m supportive, as long as he doesn’t flaunt it.

    WOW, that looks like a quality show…..

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