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!! OMG, new music for ’09: Fever Ray! !!

Earlier this week, our thirst for New Music for ’09 took us to Swedish Pop Heaven with The Sound of Arrows. Today we’re sailing down the River Styx to Swedish Pop Hell with Karin Dreijer Andersson’s new project, Fever Ray.
Many readers will know Karin as one-half of electronic pop duo The Knife. “If I Had A Heart”, the first single from Fever Ray’s forthcoming self-titled album (due in March via Mute), seemingly picks up where The Knife’s Silent Shout album left off. With its low, menacing pulse, distorted vocals and mournful lyrics, “If I Had A Heart” ventures further afield from the pop formula showcased on The Knife’s breakthrough Deep Cuts album. In other words, if you’re planning a frigid January night home alone anytime soon, this is the ideal soundtrack.
Peep the Andreas Nilsson-directed video for “If I Had A Heart” above. You can preview Fever Ray’s album via Amazon right now and buy it digitally on January 13.




    That sucked.

    85 percent of the song you’re waiting for it to take you where it’s going; by 90 percent you realize you’ve been at the destination the entire time and it’s not going anywhere else.

    i moved the slider ahead 3 times and the song remained as dull as when it started.

    Me no like it..Spooky Music..eeek eeek

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