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!! OMG, how controversial: TruckNutz !!

A South Carolina station must have been having a slow news day cause all they had to report on was the controversy TruckNutz were causing in their town. I really like how the reporter says “TruckNutz” like she’s trying not to say it while at the exact same time showing what a journalist she is by saying it brazenly. It’s like when you’re at the doctor’s trying to be civilized and mature and you say “my testicles are enlarged and tender” instead of just saying “my BodyNutz is hurtin’, doc”.
I wonder what they’d think of BRAKENUTZ?
See another nutty news report after the jump where a reporter on CNN mispronounces “peanut”, twice! OOOOOO!
Thanks to Jon for the tip.




    because, God forbid, a child see some plastic balls.

    stay out of the south…they are Mentally Defficient people!

    Uhm… Augusta is in Georgia and them folks had themselves some Georgia accents… besides, in a state where the University mascot is the Gamecock and bumperstickers like “You can’t lick our Cocks!!!” are common, I never saw this being an issue.

    Where is the “peanut” video? There is nothing after the jump.
    I think TruckNutz are pretty bad. and would advocate that this is one instance in which one cannot avoid having to see it so it should be banned. It is not like avoiding a progrsm on TV or not watching porn if it offends you. If I am on the road it takes away my choice not to have to view it.

    I wonder if these idiots put blindfolds on their kids when they drive through the countryside. Or do they require that the bulls in the pastures turn away to their testicles aren’t visible from the roadway. All they are doing is teaching their kids that the human anatomy is something to be ashamed of.

    Yes, please stay out of the south, where we know how to spell deficient.

    Did anyone else notice the name of the Chief of Police? I’m sure that was not a Freudian slip —
    RoNAD…instead of Ronald. Hysterical.

    that station also serves North Augusta which is in SC. Edgefield is a crazy place. Strom Thurmond was from that town.

    *yawns* lame post. I have known about this long time ago. It’s not omg-worthy.

    I’m so torn. On the one hand, I don’t see the point of displaying fake nuts on a vehicle, and have to wonder if a fake penis is far behind. On the other hand, truckers have had racy female silhouettes and more for decades. Boobs are shoved in our faces almost anywhere you turn, often hiding little but the nipple. Why are male parts always more taboo? Still, since I really don’t wanna drive down the road following a Prius with a fake vagina mounted out back, guess I end up slightly in the camp wondering why we need any sex-related displays on our vehicles.

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