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!! OMG, how distressing: Please Say Something! !!

What if Tom & Jerry starred in Godard’s film version of Contempt? The result would probably resemble Please Say Something, David OReilly‘s Golden Bear-winning short film about an emotionally-strained relationship between a domineering mouse and his fragile cat wife. The full 10-minute version of PSS was made available today via Future Shorts’ YouTube channel. Watch it above!

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    I loved everything about it, except for the end. Why did they have to get back together? Move your ass *away* from the abusive husband! Duh! Well, I guess it might be some silly artifact from our specific society. The whole “we need to work things out” idea is quite lame in my opinion. Incompatible? Move on. See? No drama. Ahh, but people love drama, how naive of me. :p Anyway, thanks for the clip!

    OMG…this made me want to pour acid in my eyes.

    I absolutely loved that. Thanks for this.

    Okay so where are you so I can take you to court to sue for my 10 min of life back?

    so terrific

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