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!! OMG, how ridiculous: GoateeSaver !!

The Goateesaver will revolutionize the way you shave and trim your goatee. With 3 chrome plated turnbuckles, you can adjust the GoateeSaver to fit any size face and any style of goatee. The GoateeSaver can be purchased at www.goateesaver.com

My lord! How did all those leather-daddies and sensitive new-age guys ever trim their goatees before?
Thanks to Joe for the tip.

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    The actor’s name is Mark Edwards from Little Rock, Arkansas. His day job is selling cell phones.

    Is that a joke or a parody or something? Cause that’s what I’m feelin’.

    His girlfriend looks like she hates him.

    Ever since goatees crossed over from gay men to the str8 population and the number of men, especially suburban, xtian types had them, a thought came to my mind:
    “Check out my goatee, it just screams ‘insert dick here'”.

    But how do I order?

    It’s the Southern accents that really sell it. Yesterday’s mullet market is today’s vandyke (aka “goatee”) market.

    Superb acting in that commercial too!

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