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!! OMG, she crazy: One Night Stand !!

A woman in the UK carved her name into the arm of her one-night-stand once he passed out after drinking Vodka and taking Valium. Dominique Fisher didn’t stop at her name, though, as there are several more wounds all over her victim, Wayne Robinson’s body – see more after the jump.





    thats one crazy bitch… id make sure to have locked her out before i passed out…

    she’s psycho and he’s hot.

    and yet…another reason i am gay…women are f’n crazy

    Well, that’s what you get for going home with a woman! (LOL)


    how much valium did he have not to feel some crazy wench slashing him?!?!?!…come to think of it I reckon some blokes would pay a lot of money for that kinda thing!

    This ain’t cool when he can’t give consent O.o

    i wonder if she carved her initials on his cock?


    I just have one question.. how drunk do you have to be to NOT feel any of that cutting going on?

    This is what’s wrong with one-nighters in general.
    Let’s remember that we gay men can be jsut as psycho. Don’t play like you don’t know why she did it.
    Dude is hot, tho.

    Billy–there are some equally batshit crazy gay men out there, too, so lighten up on the chick bashing!
    That guy is definitely hot. He must have been SERIOUSLY out of it, if he didn’t feel all of that being inflicted on him!!

    Vodka and Valium? How passed out of your mind do you have to be to sleep through someone mutilating your body with a knife? Cautionary tale? I think so.

    maybe she was just fond of that song by The Singing Nun…

    what the fuck was she on?! i want some!

    hes hot but its his own fault for drugging up and passing out with a stranger

    Damn. What a crazy bitch, this is why I NEVER drink anything but whatever when Im at a stranger’s house. You never know what kind of sick fuck is out there. Be careful.

    If it had been the other way around – she woke up with his name and cuts all over herself after one night stand – you know that 1) the police likely wouldn’t have believed her because they would have thought she had done it to herself (because women self-injure), 2) if they had, this would not be making news. when women hurt men, it’s all over the news. when men do it to women, it’s like it never happened.

    Monika that is such an ignorant comment.
    Regardless which gender inflicts such a demented act of violence, it’s screwed up and would make headlines.

    What a pair of mouth-breathing scumbags.

    Be warned everyone. Ordering off the dollar menu on a first date can be hazardous to your health.

    Geez! She should have fixed up those big ears while she was at it.

    and THAT is why y’all shouldn’t do one night stands xD

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