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!! OMG, why we love cats: PBS !!

For everyone out there who wonders why we love kitty-catters so much, you should watch the PBS NATURE show about cats and dogs.
I used to hate cats, but then I met my sister-in-law’s slutty cat MAGGIE and it was done for me. I was in love.
Watch another sentimental and catty (in more than one way) clip after the jump.

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    This Hot Mess loves the slutty cat’s owner! thishotmess.com

    Never have understood why cats are associated with what’s “feminine” — if anything, their seeming aloofness and independence strikes me as much more on the masculine side of things. Either way, I am a cat person through and through ‘cos I just find them amazing. =)

    I have been watching the Nature program on PBS. It makes you realize just how much of a family member pets become.

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