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!! OMG, fun: Internet Keyboard Music Thinger !!

This morning I was going to volunteer at an orphanage, but then I came across this INTERNET MUSIC-MAKER. Now it’s 2PM.
Not only does it look super gay, but it also sounds like Fly at 5 in the morning. So I’ve been told…I think I might do a PERFORMANCE with this.

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    we should have a competition! I am making songs now! whats the easiest way to record?

    OMG now i’m pretty sure V is his voice too. what’s wrong with me?!?! i don’t even really like george michael. get the fuck out of my head george michael! you’re everywhere!

    i’m about 90% sure that the M and B keys are george michael songs. “monkey” and that horrible “wham bam i am am man” song.

    thanks a fucking lot for any time sink in my life!!! lol i so love it!!! (and ur site!)

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