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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Peter Facinelli !!

Peter Facinelli shows his bum in the movie Supernova from 2000. Unfortunately, only DEBRA gets to see the real goods. Sigh…
See the NSFW video after the jump. Thanks to Davey for the tip!

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    I believe we saw quite a bit of him in the movie Firefox as well. And oddly enough, I think that girl played his girlfriend in it… or maybe that was The Craft (which I don’t think he was in). Anyway…the scene with him from Firefox is way better than this.

    Jennie Garth is one lucky wife :p

    In firefox you get to see the full monty, from a distance, as he runs through the woods. Angelina Jolie plays his GF in the movie. He was much more twinkalicious in those days, but still a treat.

    If that had been me, I would not have gone to get him clothes….I would have taken care of his not having been around a girl in a while.

    Jose, movie was Foxfire rather than Firefox, and I believe there was much of him and a fleeting glimpse of peen.
    Supernova had the best I’ve seen of his ass though. Still, he was almost overshadowed by a buff James Spader, which was a surprise at the time since he’d generally had no muscles to speak of.

    So he got a woody in front of her? I’d certainly get one in front of him!

    Well, since you did not get to see all of him, you can still maintain your interest, at least until your jaded satisfaction has been taken care of……

    Mmm, he can bite me anytime.

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