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!! OMG, how terrifying: Goblin Shark of Tokyo Bay !!

I was just about to take some NyQuil and hope for sleep to come when I came across this disgusting creature:

Known as Mitsukurina Owstoni, the goblin shark is truly an odd and lonely creature. Identified mainly by the unusual shape of its head, or snout, which is much longer than other sharks, and also its odd colored pink skin.

I really wish I hadn’t cause now I’m just going to hallucinate Goblin Sharks singing the Y&R theme song to me from the corner of the room. If the picture doesn’t scare you enough, check out the video after the jump.




    Don’t worry, I am sure the Japanese will figure at least a way to put this shark into their plates and soon after this species will go extinct.

    Chandler watches shark porn!

    Nah, in about 6 months time it’ll have it’s own magna and anime tv program where it leads the under sea rebelion.

    that is the thing of nightmares.

    thats not a shark its a yokai

    omg its like the alien from “Alien”

    Because it is a deep sea creature and never sees the light of day hence the pinkish white thin slightly translucent skin. like most deep sea creatures it needs special adaptive senses to find prey. Intriguing,.

    which species did the japanese kill off before?

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