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!! OMG, separated at birth: Ben Linus and Mike White !!

I knew the dude from The Amazing Race, Mike White, reminded me of someone, but it didn’t dawn on me till I was watching last night and I realized he looks exactly like Michael Emerson from Lost. I think they should combine the shows and have the contestants from The Amazing Race wind up on the island. Just a thought.

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    Another reason why this guy may look familiar is because he starred in the creepy gay flick “Chuck and Buck” years back and has since had a lot of other writing credits to his name. I checked IMDB.com to make sure I wasn’t imagining things when I started watching this season:)

    yeah, not so much.

    Haha, I looked at his photo and thought “Hmm, it actually looks a lot more like the guy from ‘Chuck & Buck'”…then I looked up the guy and it’s him! wtf! Why is he on??

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