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!! OMG, they’re naked: AussieBum Boys !!

The twinks over at AussieBum have made a new promo for their underwear in which they pretend to be bad. That’s okay, I’ll take pretend, as long as they take their shorts off…which they do.
NSFWish video after the jump.
Thanks to Brett for the tip.

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    second that Ew

    YouTube doesn’t let naked videos stay for long. It’s gone now.

    It’s been yanked! Is it posted anywhere else???!

    Removed already? It’s been like 4 hours.

    you can put it into a filehosting, or upload it again but not on youtube? or sending by email? please please

    WHAT THE HELL? You get me all worked up to see this video and I get here to find it’s been removed! I almost had a heart attack from going limp so fast!

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